Online suicide alertness training


Gain suicide alertness skills in just one hour

Everyone can learn how to recognise the signs that a person might be having thoughts of suicide and start a conversation that could save a life. With one person lost to suicide every week on the Sunshine Coast, we need to work together as a community to support our family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues and customers.

We offer LivingWorks ‘Start’ online training free-of-charge to Sunshine Coast residents and workers.

In just one hour online, you can learn the often-subtle signs that someone may be considering suicide and how to connect them to help and support.

  • Evidence-based training that requires no previous experience
  • Powerful four-step model to keep someone safe from suicide
  • Practice the model with impactful simulations
  • Dynamic, interactive content

Cost: Free for Sunshine Coast residents and workers
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours, completed at a time that suits you
Date: Reserve your license now for a May release (date to be confirmed)
What we ask of you: Please complete a brief, anonymous survey at the start, end and six months after the training. This will assist our important research into suicide prevention training

How to take part
  • Reserve your free license (you must be a Sunshine Coast resident or worker*)
  • Complete the pre-training survey (we will email this to you a week before licenses are issued)
  • Look out for your license, issued by email when we’ve reached our reservation quota
  • Complete the training online at any time within three weeks of receiving your license
  • Receive your certificate and start using your training
  • Look out for and complete your post-training survey
  • Complete our follow-up research survey six months later (we’ll send you an email)

*If you’re not a Sunshine Coaster you can purchase the training directly from LivingWorks here.

Why we offer this free

The Sunshine Coast’s suicide rate of one person lost per week is higher than the national average.

The already high need for suicide prevention skills has increased, with many people experiencing social isolation, stress, anxiety, and financial pressure due to COVID-19.

Research shows that training community members to identify the signs that a person is at risk of suicide and connect that person to longer-term help can be an effective method of preventing suicides.

USC’s The Alliance for Suicide Prevention – Sunshine Coast offers this training free-of-charge as a part of our efforts to create a suicide-safer community and conduct meaningful research.

More than 400 Sunshine Coasters have trained with us, together forming a growing safety net for people within our community. Will you join them?

Help our important research

When you complete this training, you join hundreds of other Sunshine Coasters who have become better equipped to support their loved ones and others in our community.

And you’ll help even more people by participating in our research aimed at better understanding the effectiveness of suicide prevention training.

At the start and end of this free training you’ll be asked to complete a brief, anonymous survey asking questions to determine the changes in your knowledge, preparedness, and confidence to assist an at-risk individual.

Six months after your training a brief email will ask you to complete the final survey, designed to understand retention of these outcomes.

By participating in this research you’re contributing to better understanding of how suicide-alertness training can be used as a suicide prevention tool in communities.

Click for more information about the research.

Learn about our other training options

Mental health and suicide prevention training programs will be offered to the community through the Alliance and other community based groups.


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