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The more people and organisations who join the Alliance, the greater impact we will have. We encourage our members to carry out simple acts to connect our message with our community.
  • Suicide is a complex issue
  • Suicide can be prevented and people with suicidal thoughts and feelings can be helped
  • As a community, we can work together in suicide prevention
  • Mental illness is a contributing factor for many people who attempt or complete suicide
  • Suicide and suicidal behaviour affects all ages, genders and races
This pack contains some resources to help you and your organisation be part of the Alliance for Suicide Prevention – Sunshine Coast.

It’s important the Alliance brand is used consistently to build awareness for suicide prevention. If you wish to add the logo to other materials, please contact and we will provide you with the required format.

Promote your Alliance membership and our various mental health awareness campaigns on your social media platforms.



As a proud Alliance member, email us to request up to five complimentary Alliance lapel pins for your team. Greater quantities available upon request.

Stay connected with the Alliance for Suicide Prevention. Let us know how you are creating awareness for mental health and suicide prevention in our community.

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