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If you need help, it should be easy to find. iHelp brings together the range of mental health and suicide prevention services on the Sunshine Coast.

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If you need immediate help, iHelp will connect you to emergency services or crisis support lines. In immediate danger? Call 000 now.

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iHelp will find local organisations that match the type of support that you’re seeking. We all need to care for our mental health. iHelp will find the right service for you.

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Find services that cater for youths, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples or people who identify as LGBTQI+

COVID-19 (coronavirus) notice:

For life-threatening emergencies please call 000. Persons with a psychiatric emergency can still present to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Emergency DepartmentThe Sunshine Coast Mental Health Service continues to run a triage system, in which patients may be offered Telehealth or face-to-face support.

It’s important to stay connected even if you are reducing your physical contact with others. To access phone and chat support services, click the ‘immediate help‘ button on iHelp. You can also visit our list of Alliance Sunshine Coast Members offering phone, video call or online services. Or ask the mental health service providers listed in iHelp about alternatives to face-to-face. For tips on how to look after your mental health, visit our compiled list of useful resources.

If you need help, it should be easy to find. iHelp Sunshine Coast brings to your fingertips the range of mental health support and suicide prevention services available on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Immediate help
  • A range of service types, including peer support, mental health professionals, inpatient services and more
  • Thorough information, including what to expect from crisis support lines and how to support someone in need
  • Services convenient to your location
  • Support for youths, Indigenous peoples and LGBTQI+

We all need to care for our mental health and iHelp is just a click away.

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