Portraits of Mankind photographic exhibition

Portraits of Mankind is a touring photographic exhibition of local men who believe in the power of speaking up about mental health.

Photography by Megan Gill Portrait Photographer, Sunshine Coast

Reach out, don’t tough it out

Men’s mental health needs our attention. On the Sunshine Coast, four out of every five suicides are males.

The reasons for this are complex. What we do know is that many men feel they are up against an Aussie culture that expects males to be strong and to suffer in silence.

Yet research shows the “toughen up” approach is not working.

We’ve partnered with local photographer Megan Gill to present an exhibition of portraits and videos featuring local men.

The men in these portraits have bravely put their faces to a campaign that asks all men to: “Reach out – don’t tough it out”. Many of the men in these portraits had to work hard to overcome challenges and rebuild their lives. All are here today because they reached out, found support and grew stronger.

We invite you to be inspired by these men by visiting the exhibition of striking photography. And to tell the men in your life about the hope these men give us by showing that it is not weak to reach out if you’re struggling.

Mentally healthier men mean happier fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and mates. And we all benefit from that.

About the photographer

Megan Gill is a Sunshine Coast portrait photographer who created Portraits of Mankind to show how local men are overcoming the challenges of being a man in modern Australia.

“I have been drawn to photograph the men featured in Portraits of Mankind because they have all had their own challenges and faced them with a strength that is backed with integrity, honesty and vulnerability.”

The men featured in Portraits of Mankind

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