First Nations People Suicide Prevention Strategy

We have worked alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to develop a suicide prevention strategy that is culturally-appropriate and meets the needs of communities on the Sunshine Coast.

The strategy is relevant to all Sunshine Coast residents – Indigenous peoples, and non-Indigenous people who want to walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in creating a suicide-safer Sunshine Coast.

The strategy’s action plan commits to:

  1. Delivering an evidence-based community program to increase the community’s capabilities to identify and respond to depression and suicidality. This includes: Upskilling primary healthcare professionals; Indigenous-specific suicide prevention training; Public awareness campaigns; and support for high-risk groups
  2. Strengthen engagement and partnerships within the community
  3. Increase research productivity and impact


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It is important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people play an active part in suicide prevention and broader health outcomes, and that they be at the centre of decision-making that affects their community. The Alliance acknowledges the work of its Indigenous Advisory Group of community leaders, Elders and community-controlled organisations, who have significantly contributed to the formation of the strategy.

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