Our published research shows suicide-alertness training improves trainees’ long-term ability to recognise and respond to those in need.

The Alliance offers monthly safeTALK training, developed by LivingWorks, free to the community.

Many trainees helped us scientifically evaluate its long-term effectiveness, by completing a survey before, immediately after, and six months after they did safeTALK.

Results of this research show:

  • safeTALK improves trainee:
    • knowledge about suicide
    • preparedness to intervene
    • ability to perform the role of a suicide-helper.
  • Improvements in these three outcomes were large when tested immediately after training.
  • Six months after the training, we identified a drop in these outcome scores, however they still remained significantly higher than pre-training levels.
  • These six-month findings show that learnings remain with trainees and do not fade quickly.
  • Trainees’ reluctance to intervene, when they notice a person is struggling, reduced immediately after training. However six months later reluctance had returned to pre-training levels. This highlights a need to better understand how this single outcome measure could improve for a longer period of time after training.

Overall these results show safeTALK, and suicide prevention training in general, improves trainees’ ability to recognise and respond to the signs of suicide.

This means a more educated and prepared community, with the skills needed to support fellow community members.

View the full research paper here.

Our next free safeTALK training event is 19 July. Registrations essential.