Mindfulness practice is a way to experience what is happening in the present moment. It helps us become aware of our thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgement.

Research shows mindfulness can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, by rewiring connections in the brain related to emotions such as worry and stress and improving focus and attention on positive thoughts.

Mindfulness doesn’t stop stress or other worries but it helps us become aware of difficult thoughts and feelings allowing us to choose how we respond in the present moment.

Below are guided mindfulness sessions for different age groups recorded by our Michelle Kennedy. Michelle’s voice is like slipping on a cosy jumper as she guides you to pay attention to your breath in the present moment. Enjoy!

Guided mindfulness for children (4:06 mins)

Guided mindfulness recording for teens (4:25 mins)

Guided mindfulness recording for adults (6:40 mins)


ABOUT THE CREATOR: Michelle Kennedy is a PhD candidate researching how mindfulness can help attention in anxious young people at USC’s Thompson Institute. She is an experienced educator, specialising in emotional, social and academic development of children. Michelle regularly works with parents on how they can model different mindfulness strategies to support children’s mindfulness practices.