Coping mechanisms for during difficult times

Mental Health Nurse Research Officer Monique Jones and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Andrew Watkins discuss coping mechanisms with the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network. as a part of their Wake Up with SCBWN webinar event.

Topics include:

  • Understanding common stress reactions
  • Self care reminders
  • Strategies to manage worry
  • Support resources

Watch the webinar here, using the access code a5*02lY5

Thanks SCBWN for making this webinar available to our followers.

Managing your mindset in a crisis

Our post-doctoral research fellow, Dr Amanda Clacy, shares how to recognise anxiety in yourself and others and the methods you can use to lessen the effects in the Sunshine Coast Daily webinar ‘Mindset management’.

Topics include:

  • The mental health continuum – how our mental health fluctuates and the signs and symptoms of where we are sitting on the continuum
  • The behaviours, thoughts, feelings and physical signs that indicate you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety
  • The effects – good and bad – of stress on the brain
  • Steps you can take at each stage of the mental health continuum

This is an episode of the Daily’s webinar series to help business leaders build resilience strategies in response to COVID-19. You can view all episodes by joining their Facebook group.

Thanks Sunshine Coast Daily for making this webinar available to our followers.