COVID-19 (coronavirus) notice:

For life-threatening emergencies please call 000.
It’s important to stay connected even if you are reducing your physical contact with others. To access phone and chat support services, click the ‘immediate help‘ button on iHelp, which is our digital tool to connect locals to mental health support on the Sunshine Coast. You can also view our list of Alliance Sunshine Coast Members offering phone, video call or online services. Or ask your existing mental health service provider, or those listed in iHelp, about alternatives to face-to-face. For tips on how to look after your mental health, visit our compiled list of useful resources. Please note: persons with a psychiatric emergency can still present to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Emergency Department.

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Guided mindfulness for all ages

Mindfulness practice is a way to experience what is happening in the present moment. It helps us become aware of our thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgement. Research shows mindfulness can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, by rewiring...

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How food influences your mood

What foods do you reach for as a coping mechanism for emotions like stress or anxiety? Most of us are tempted by the instant gratification of sweet, salty or fatty foods. But eating these foods can exacerbate the unpleasant emotions you are trying to escape.

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The six foundations of wellbeing

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of basic self-care essentials, like sleep and nutrition, but they underpin our mental health. Monique Jones shares the six foundations of wellbeing.

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The Sunshine Coast Mind & Neuroscience – Thompson Institute is supporting the Alliance in a community-based suicide prevention strategy.


Develop your knowledge through evidenced-based mental health capacity building programs and research.

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The Alliance holds a number of events including training workshops, forums and information sessions.